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Hello Fellow Travelers!

I'm Deanna Didzun, creator of The Traveler's Playbook

My husband and I took a year to travel the world in 2019, and when I was searching for a travel journal to take along and document all our travels and memories, all I could find were books with beautifully designed covers and blank pages. I have never had the patience for long form journal writing and I don't have the time, patience, or artistic ability to create a full scrapbook. So, I created this pre-designed playbook to quickly and easily record the most meaningful moments of each country we visited.

I truly believe in the value of travel and the importance of documenting memories, which is why both are at the heart of The Traveler's Playbook's mission.

My hope is that these Playbooks will inspire you to get out and travel to places you may not have considered in the past and create your own stories and memories.

Happy Travels!